Micro Credit Program

The Micro credit program provides very small loans (~$25.00 CAD) to women to start a 'business'. Loan recipients use financial support to buy sheep and goats to breed or re-sell at higher prices, buy seeds for vegetable gardens, buy fishing equipment, and sell animal feed. And of course they pay back the initial loan which, in turn, is loaned out to other women.

This program is based on a sustainable model that has been successful around the world. It allows participants to develop entrepreneurial skills, build self confidence and esteem, and support their families. By helping women improve the economic security of their families, it reduces the need for children to stay home and work, and thereby encourages mothers to keep their children in school.

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Inspirational Story

Bayley, a ten year old student at a French Immersion School in Toronto who was a pen pal with a student in Liboré, was so moved by the plight of children in Niger, she raised enough money to purchase 40 backpacks to send over to Liboré.