Pencils for Kids builds schools, libraries and kindergartens.

Pencils for Kids School

The first Pencils for Kids school was built in the summer of 2007, with funding from the local Canadian Consulate [...]


Pencils for Kids officially opened Liboré’s first ever library in May 2009, made possible by the generous support of a private foundation in Canada [...]

Vive la Vie School

Pencils for Kids began construction of a second school in August 2009, with classes commencing in October 2009 [...]

Ecole d'Espoir

In January 2011, Pencils for Kids officially opened its third school in Liboré, in a village called Gorouberi [...]

Clara's Kids Kindergarten

In 2011, 12 year old Clara and her family raised enough money to build Libore's first ever permanent Kindergarten [...]

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Inspirational Story

After rehearsal I talked with a wonderful man in Liboré. He shared his story with me and once again my insides cried out to say, "Why does it have to be this way?” He is a soft-spoken, handsome, well educated man, who grew up in the villages and, against all odds, was able to graduate university.