We need to let the world know about the many children who have no access to education. What better way than to "wear-a-pencil” which is a symbol for education, literacy and hope. These pencil necklaces are designed by a local artist, Tchima Abdo, in Niger, Africa, who sculpted them from natural rock in the region and created the look of a real pencil.

Our campaign: Wear a pencil until every child in the world has a pencil. Companies, school groups or clubs can email us to find out how to get these for their fundraising campaigns!

When you wear a pencil people will ask you why and it becomes a wonderful opportunity to share the story!

To view photos of the pencil necklaces, click here.

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Inspirational Story

After rehearsal I talked with a wonderful man in Liboré. He shared his story with me and once again my insides cried out to say, "Why does it have to be this way?” He is a soft-spoken, handsome, well educated man, who grew up in the villages and, against all odds, was able to graduate university.