Pound for Change was launched by Pencils for Kids to help people in the developed world appreciate the daily hardships women face, preparing food in Niger. From understanding comes action – to raise money for education scholarships for girls in Liboré, Niger.

Niger is the poorest place in the world to live and it has one of the lowest literacy rates. Girls rarely go to school beyond grade six. Instead, from an early age, they are already working in the fields, preparing food and pounding millet for hours on end. Women in Niger spend up to six hours each day pounding millet (a small grain cereal) to make the grain into flour, which is their main food source for every meal.

Through the Pound for Change program we offer hope to girls who yearn to learn and do not want to spend the rest of their lives pounding millet like their mothers and grandmothers. They too have dreams for a brighter future. So create an event with your friends, group or organization, simulate the experience of pounding millet, and raise awareness and funds that will help change the lives of girls and women in Niger!

Host a Pound for Change Event

Tips and Ideas for Planning Your Event

Download our Event Guidelines to help you plan a Pound for Change event for your friends, group or organization. You may also download our Host Package which includes resources for the event such as a PowerPoint presentation, an Evite, thank you cards, millet recipes, pledge forms and more!

Speakers and Presentations

If you are in Toronto or the GTA, please feel free to contact Pencils for Kids to see if a member of our team is available to attend your event. If this is not possible, we are happy to spend time on the phone explaining the program and answering your questions.

Call us to arrange to have a speaker attend your event: 905-764-7997

Millet Pounding Simulation

It is important that your guests understand and experience what it is like to pound millet in Liboré. Although it may be difficult to get African mortar and pestles, anything that can approximate the experience will work! Download our Event Guidelines for more ideas on how to simulate millet pounding.

Cook & Serve Millets

Since the focus of the event is on millet, and the challenges women face preparing food in Niger, we have included several millet recipes below if you want to include cooking as part of your Pound for Change event.

Scholarships for Girls — Raising Awareness and Funds

Every year we spend educating a girl enriches her life, broadens her opportunities, and promises a better future for her whole community. Scholarships cost approximately $600.00 and cover the cost of uniforms, books, supplies, food allowance, and tutoring.

If your group chooses to raise money, you can easily make donations online, or you can collect cheques as a group and mail them in to Pencils for Kids. Download our Event Guidelines for more information on how you can collect donations. Our Host Package also includes a Pledge Form for fundraising opportunities.

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Host a Pound for Change Event

Simulate the experience of pounding millet, and raise awareness and funds for girls' scholarships. Download the event package to help you get started!

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