Teachers, we would be delighted to come to your class or school and make a presentation about Pencils for Kids. After sharing our story in schools, students have not only gained valuable perspective on life in developing countries but have been motivated to embrace humanitarian causes.

Many schools have participated in pen pal programs (for French Immersion students or French classes), fundraising initiatives and awareness raising exercises. We look forward to working with each teacher to make this a meaningful experience for you and your students.

Lesson Plans Available for Elementary Teachers

After our presentation, elementary teachers will have access to specially designed lesson plans in our curriculum section that follow the Ontario Curriculum Expectations. To download our sample curriculum, please click here.


Teachers, these curriculum units have been created as a means of raising awareness for the P4K project while meeting Ontario Curriculum Expectations [...]

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Inspirational Story

Michael Mitchell was a member of the Peace Corps many years ago in Niger and had never forgotten the impact that playing the sport of soccer had on the children.