If you are a student in primary or secondary school, we are excited by your interest in Pencils for Kids! We welcome your questions and encourage you to email us if you have ideas for fundraising initiatives or ways to raise awareness at your school or club. If you would like us to make a presentation at your school, please speak with your teachers and/or Principal and let us know what you require.

If you are a post-secondary student, we encourage you to start a P4K group in your university or college and speak with us about potential projects that are of interest to you. We are also prepared to provide speakers where possible.

For more information on fundraising, please visit our Fundraising Campaigns page or click here for a list of fundraising ideas.

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Inspirational Story

Bayley, a ten year old student at a French Immersion School in Toronto who was a pen pal with a student in Liboré, was so moved by the plight of children in Niger, she raised enough money to purchase 40 backpacks to send over to Liboré.